Your Picky Eater #3: Growth & Environmental Changes

SuperPhoto_Creation_2015-12-20_092917This puppy was of correct age to go home (9-12 weeks), had been eating fine for a while (several days to several weeks) while in your care, but suddenly stopped or is not eating as much as it did before?

If nothing else has changed in the living environment and you did not change the puppy food, what do you think is the trigger to the changed eating behavior? There can be a number of reasons such as seasonal changes – it is getting hotter or colder? Activity levels may have changed – does your puppy get more floor time, play time or have you started taking it on walks? Do the kids play more with it, or do your other pets hang out with it? Is it always tired, worn out or exhausted? Maybe short tempered because it doesn’t get enough quiet time? Did your puppy recently go through a growth spurt, that has now stopped?

All of these can cause for the metabolism to change and needing either more or less food. Usually they need more food, and if they don’t get it – it can cause a “just off” feel to them, not quite a true low blood sugar episode, but close enough to feel unwell and off and not wanting to eat.

If your pup has been out in public socializing more, it may have picked up a virus or an infection. If you or someone in the family has a cold, you may have passed that down to your puppy [anybody in the family with a cold, flu or similar sickness should not handle the pup and especially not kiss or snuggle with it while they are sick!].

Have you recently been to the vet? Is it possible that your pup picked up some germs there? Has it had recent vaccines and being depressed could be a side effect to that?

How long has it been since your pup has been dewormed??? Internal parasites are a way of life when you have dogs, and your pup should be on a regular deworming routine [every 2-4 weeks] while under 6 months of age.

Have you got her started on heartworm preventionif she is over 4 months of age? You should if heartworms are a problem in your area.

Again – if you can rule out sickness or internal parasites and you have not changed the food, you need to look at how your pup lives at your home.

Please read the following pages [and the attached support pages] for more information: Playpen,Nutrition, Feeding Schedule, Puppy Stress, Preventing Hypoglycemia, Harmful Stress + Activity Levels, and Living a Sheltered Life.

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